Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oranges, patterned oranges galore!

A couple of weeks ago I was painting sheets and sheets of orange circles - I saw the most beautiful Valencia oranges at New Seasons, the kind with the leaves still on, and had to buy a few and study them. What resulted is the above image. I love wallpaper, patterned textiles, wrapping paper, and poster prints like this. It's very exciting, making the little studies, scanning and leaning them then arranging them into a clean, repeating pattern. I would just love to submit this to Paper Source so I could start wrapping in it myself.

And I just couldn't keep myself from making some little orange characters as well:

*I made the painted shapes and drawings separately, then overlapped them in illustrator using "multiply". I think they turned out really well that way! Could you tell at all that they weren't drawn directly onto the watercolor? Did I fool you?


  1. Love them! I want to learn how to do that!

  2. Thanks Ginny! I could teach you sometime - its not hard!