Monday, December 16, 2013

Bouquet Oil Painting

I love weddings. I spotted this unusual bouquet at a friend's wedding earlier this fall and HAD to paint it. It had so many unusual details and textures - beautiful. Thankfully for me I was allowed to bring the bouquet  home and work on it!

It felt good to paint in oils again - it was the first time for me since this spring at University. Because this painting wasn't for class and didn't have a deadline, I had time to put down as many layers as I wanted. I put down a green base layer underneath to help the mostly purple bouquet pop, then worked up the flowers in about 5 layers. It was a good refresher in handling, and the next oil painting I do will be better for it! The above painting could use more shadow/depth, more detail, finer brush work and blending. In progress shots as always:

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