Thursday, January 9, 2014

Developing a New Story - Maybe "Flock" or "Henry and the Geese"

I'm excited to have a new story idea formulating in my brain! I can feel it tumbling around up there and taking form!!

I think visually most of the time so I've been doing my best to put pencil to paper most everyday this past week to start to visualize the story idea. I can see a dreary day, a nervous little boy in a lonely situation and a seemingly normal flock of gray geese that have a LOT up their sleeves. Think bright colors and patterns, a lot of movement and pizzaz. I'm thinking it might be a book about feeling alone and finding courage, with a handful of silly thrown in. We'll just have to see as it keep developing!! For now, I've got no words written but a fair amount of imagery still coming out of my pencil:

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