Friday, August 30, 2013

Settling into Portland!

After four years of living and studying in Seattle, I'm back to my hometown - Portland, Oregon. Oh, sweet maple doughnuts with bacon, summer drizzle, and farmer's markets with almost as many dogs and bikes as people - it sure is nice to be back. After a summer of travel, I'm back in the city for good. After a week or two of living in my new apartment with just a mattress on the floor, I felt spurred on to get going and make my place home - nothing wrong with bare mattresses on the floor, of course (and it wasn't too uncomfortable either!). Getting silverware last week, tissues, a set of dishes, and two chairs was just about as much excitement as I could handle. A couple of trips to Ikea, a bench and a couch later, and I'm feeling comfy and at home. It's time, I think, to dedicate some solid hours to blissful painting and drawing.

Amid the moving, I've been working on the second round of edits for my first book, "Did You Know That I Love You?", coming out Winter of 2015. It's been a great, fun adventure learning more about how edits work, and more how the publishing industry itself works. I couldn't feel more blessed and happy to be working in children's books. To warm myself up for edits today, I drew the book characters into this scene (which does not take place in the story, just in my mind :) ). I think they're pretty happy to be together, and if they swam, this is the way they would do it.

Next post, a different kind of fox illustration!

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