Monday, October 8, 2012

Two Inch House Made of Love Letters

Influenced by Dario Robleto and my own sense of romanticism, I constructed a tiny paper house made entirely out of love letters from my boyfriend. I made it for my illustration class: we are studying miniatures, and the way that condensing truth through scaled objects can sometimes become a more potent, powerful truth.
I wanted to visually express some of my dreams and longings in this house through the materials. It's made entirely from a love letter my long distance boyfriend wrote me - I didn't want to cut up the ones he'd already sent me so he wrote me a new one, describing the kind of home he eventually sees in his future, which I think adds a layer to the work. The house plans are based off a home I often ride my bike by in Portland, and is my simplified idea of a "dream farmhouse". I secured a flameless tea light candle in the bottom so that I can use it as a nightlight while we're apart this year.

Below are the house plans I put together in illustrator to refer to while making all the minuscule cuts and measurements. I bought long medical tweezers for $2 at the hardware store that made attaching small details like the porch railing easier.

learn more about Dario Robleto here:

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