Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chris & Ashley

Chris & Ashley by Christa Jane Pierce
Chris & Ashley a photo by Christa Jane Pierce on Flickr.

This simple double portrait was commissioned for two friend's engagement dinner invitations. Those cuties.

The portraits are simple and one color so that they can be printed as a fun little icon in the bottom right hand corner of the invitation - Ashley's good idea! I think it'll add a little fun and personalization for the invites.

I usually start portraits by tracing a photo a few times. It teaches my hand how to move around their face, and acquaints me with all the subtle nuances of line. It's funny how often a true trace won't look at all like the person i'm drawing - the lines in the photo aren't always true of that person's everyday face. It takes tracing a few different photos, then drawing freehand with what I've learned. It always turns out better that way.

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