Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Reverse" Illustration Friday

My Illustration Prof., Gala Bent, was out of town this week, being important in other parts of the art sphere. Having a professor whose main focus is making art and second focus is teaching art is actually really good for the students, I think. Or it is at the very least good for me. Because she already is a gifted teacher, and on top of that, when she has shows or agrees to design a cover for a band, we get to hear about her experiences. All the how-to and when, where, why details that you wouldn't hear otherwise. Such as most illustrators make their hard-copy art works on 8 x 10 illustration board or watercolor paper. Or how to be shown in a gallery without having to apply - become so involved in the gallery that you are asked. It's very intriguing to hear these insights from someone actively involved in the art world. I learn a lot from her.

For today's class Gala was still out of state, so our assignment was to submit to It's a weekly illustration submission contest that is unique in that college students, high schoolers, and professional illustrators alike all post to this site. It's a great way to find new artists that you like and be found yourself. This week's topic was "reverse".

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